Canada Homestay Centre CHC, we understand that after a long day at school, coming home to a comfortable environment is very important for students. Since this is the place where students can unwind and relax, our homestay partners are therefore carefully selected to ensure they meet students’ expectations. Below are some photos of our Homestay Partners.

We want our students to feel at home while studying in Canada. Our mission is to ensure that in addition to an education, the students will return home with fond memories of their experiences in Canada, therefore our quality services and support for the students continues for the duration of their stay in Canada.

Below describes what you can expect from our Homestays:

Unless otherwise requested, students always have their own room fully furnished with a bed, a desk, a chair and a closet or dresser. Sheets, pillows, and blankets are also provided by the host family. Hosts will provide the student with a clean room to move‐in to, however, the daily and weekly cleaning of the room becomes the responsibility of the student. All our homestays have wireless internet services.

Bathrooms are usually shared among all members of the homestay family, although some homestays do offer private bathrooms to students. LAUNDRY All our homestay family will provide the student with laundry facilities and supplies such as washing machines, dryers, and detergent. They will be allowed to do their laundry once a week. Some families will do the laundry for the student and in some families; they will have to do their laundry themselves.

Our homestay family will also allow the students reasonable use of the telephone for local calls. Unless in emergencies, long distance calls are not permitted. If they want to make a long distance calls, they must purchase a long distance phone card at a local convenience store. The phone cards usually cost between CAD $5 to CAD $10.

All of our homestays have common areas where students can use to relax and “hang out”. These common areas usually have a television, VCD/DVD player, and a radio where every household member, including the student, have access to. In some Homestays, there maybe additional recreational rooms equipped with a pool table or other facilities such as a swimming pool. It is expected that they respect the rules of the Homestays when using these facilities.